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Our Wine Varieties

Fortified and Dessert

Fortified wine was believed to be discovered in the early 1700s, when sailors would add brandy to wine to withstand long sea voyagers. It wasnt until later that the fortification of wine became an art.

In Australia, most people are familiar with the term Port. However, Australia recently agreed to stop using this term in accordance with international labelling law, instead using just Tawny. Tawny is made through fermenting grapes until a desired fruit sugar level is reached. After this has occurred, fermentation is stopped and spirit is added. Pokolbin Estate either uses a brandy or cognac spirit base, depending on the variety.

Fortified & Dessert wine is a wonderful accompaniment to cheese platters, creme brulees, panacotta and can be poured on ice cream or fruit. As a general rule, the wine should be sweeter than the food it is matched with.

Pokolbin Estate Vineyard is currently producing 6 styles of Fortified & Dessert wine.

Fortified and Dessert Wines