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"Wine Varieties & Philosophy"

Pokolbin Estate originally concentrated on Semillon and Shiraz and these varieties have stood apart from others in their consistency, flavour and ability to age. We are the only vineyard in the Hunter Valley to grow the traditional Riesling variety, which on fully mature vines can produce world-class wine. Our Riesling vines are now close to 50 years old. 

Our Belebula Vineyard is located on Old North Rd about 10 minutes from our cellar door. Here we produce our Mediterranean style reds including Sangiovese, Tempranillo & Nebbiolo. At the time of planting in 1999, there was little to no experience with these varieties elsewhere in Australia. Now, these styles are extremely popular due to their ability to complement many contemporary Australian & European foods and age exceptionally well.

Additionally, we produce numerous dessert and fortified wines including an Autumn Harvest Riesling, Riesling Solera, Muscat, fortified Shiraz and a 40-year-old Tawny.

The style of Pokolbin Estate Vineyard wines is of elegance yet are powerfully structured. These wines are capable of maturing, rather than just getting old. Our wines will not bludgeon your taste buds with high alcohol, short chain oak-derived tannin, port-like flavours or overt fruitiness as found in some. They are vinous, with carefully balanced acid, tannin and fruit. They will improve at least until they are five years old, and in most cases, far longer.

In the vineyard, we make a concerted effort to match the practice to the terroir. All vines are hand pruned; handpicked and carefully tended to ensure the best quality fruit is obtained. Yields are kept low, and irrigation, while installed, is used purely as a tool to ensure optimum quality.

Finally, we choose the finest winemakers in the Hunter Valley to craft our wines. The black art of making wine combines a high level of scientific skill, technical ability, sensory perception and most of all an indefinable quality that brings these traits together to make a drink that is more than the sum of its parts. 

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