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Membership Conditions

  • As a Wine Club Member of Pokolbin Estate Vineyard I understand and accept that I will receive my nominated minimum Membership discount, that being 25 or 15% off RRP.
  • I understand that my nominated club discount will commence upon my first purchase. As a platinum member my first purchase must be 12 bottles to activate my 25% off and Gold Members, 6 bottles. I understand I will receive my nominated discount on all individual products after this.
  • Minimum membership is for a 12 month period from the date of application. I accept I must receive all packs during this period of time.
  • My membership will continue after the 12 months unless I notify Pokolbin Estate Vineyard in writing that I wish to cease my Membership at least 1 month prior to the next pack.
  • If I do not notify Pokolbin Estate Vineyard of any changes to my nominated pack, such as cancellations and holds, I accept the purchase and delivery of a pack similar to my last order.
  • Once I have met my minimum Membership Agreement as stated above, I understand that I am entitled to one hold per year, i.e. skipping one of the allocated packs and oblige to receiving the following one.
  • I understand and accept that all changes to my membership including address, phone, email, credit card details and cancellation of membership must be made by notifying Pokolbin Estate Vineyard at least 1 month before the next pack is to be delivered. Any changes or notifications must be emailed to
  • Should I move, change delivery address, send wine to the wrong location, not receive wine at specified location or not collect wines from the Post office without informing Pokolbin Estate Vineyard, I am aware and accept that I will be subject to additional freight charges.
  • I am over 18 years old
  • As a member I may be assured that any information I have given to Pokolbin Estate Vineyard will be kept confidential.